Monday Means

Mondays can seem like a cruel reality after a weekend. It's often viewed as the time to get back to the grind, work, things to do. Mondays can be hard, daunting and dismal, but they don't have to be!

Statistically, more than half of all people going to work today don't like their jobs. That might be because those people are just going to a job, and that job isn't in alignment with what they love, or their true purpose. If you are "working" at a job you hate, try to make it your own to the extent possible in the short term. Make suggestions. Create improvement. Don't engage in negativity or gossip. Find something that you can put your name on and do your best at it.

In the long term, work towards your purpose. What brings you joy? What means the most to you? What is your passion? What do you want to get really good at? Purpose is one of the 4 most important corners of your life. It's important for you to know what your purpose is! Once you know, you have the right and responsibility to go after it and build your work around it!

If you want some advice, I'm happy to help!

Robin HesselgesserComment