Seasonal Expectations

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but you might feel lost, alone, overwhelmed or feeling like you will never be able to meet the expectations of a perfect Holiday Season. Sound familiar? My Mom struggled with feeling disappointed because reality never quite measured up to the Hallmark Movie Channel Christmas movies of romance, family gatherings and the ability to get that perfect gift for everyone. I understand some of what she felt: I too want things to be as perfect as they can be. I want everyone around me to feel warm, loved, and happy surrounded by all the sights and smells of the season. However, strangely and unfairly enough, not everyone has the same definition of perfection as I do and even though their definition is wrong, I am doing my best not to hold it against them!

What I would say to my Mom now that she is no longer living in the physical sense, her being my Mom was perfect. Her imperfections were perfect to me and I miss them. She loved this time of year and as I look at her personalized ornament on my tree, I know that she is with me always and the gifts that she gave me also live on in my daughter. I want her to know that though not all Christmas’s were white, nor all the presents plentiful, or the gatherings without conflict, everything she did was enough.

Whatever you do will be enough. As long as you show up with your heart intact and your spirit with the people that are important, then that is enough. Do what you can with what you have and set your expectations on the things that can’t be measured. Be kind and patient with yourself first and have a wonderful Holiday!

Robin Hesselgesser