Years in the making...

Age is just a number right? Maybe…but not if you feel to young to be included, too old to be useful or not sure what to do with whatever amount of time you are blessed with.

Some days age feels like it rules everything. It gives permission as to what we can do today in relationship to what we got away with yesterday. It can steal the hope we used to feel for tomorrow and betray the memories of the past.

Age can feel like it is always in total control but our true power lies in our minds and in our hearts. If we can take a moment to harness the energy in what we believe and what we love, then everything else will follow. We are years in the making. We do not come out with all that we are, only with what we can be. The perceived wrong turns are as valuable as the right ones. The goal is to keep moving forward. To take advantage of each day. To understand that fear is an emotion and does not have to influence what we actually do. Extend yourself some grace if you are not yet where you want to be. Every step is valuable no matter how small or how far. Just be sure to take one.

Robin Hesselgesser