Wall Attire

It all started when I couldn't find the right paintings for my own walls. It was a Saturday night, I was feeling creative so I went out to my garage and created a painting from Rocks, Glass and of course paint! I sold my first one off my own wall, and Wall Attire was born. Accident? Prolly not! To see our complete collection, please go to our online store!

Wall Attire Website28.JPG

"Top hat"

Now THIS makes a statement! In beautiful tones of bronze, caramel and cream, I added texture, dimension and yes, just a hint of some sparkle!

Wall Attire Websitei.JPG

"Mood ring"

A fan favorite, this sells out at every Art Show I display my work in. In gorgeous silver and platinum tones, this piece brings you in and makes you glad it did!



This painting was a collaboration with my Dad. We made it as a Christmas present for his fiancée and well, other people wanted one too! The contemporary birch trees are set in a mist of texture, sheen and sparkle!