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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I know there’s a problem but I don’t know how or if you can help?

One of the things we do best is tailor an engagement to your particular needs. if you, your business, or group is struggling with sales, motivation, organization, service or working as a team, we can tailor our time with you to get you where you want to be with actionable, doable tasks and results!


STRATEGIC STREAM TO SUCCESS: Let’s face it we all have been to Events or Seminars where we have been motivated to somehow live a better life. I remember leaving events and feeling like I could do anything! But then I woke up the next morning and didn’t have a flipping idea of what to DO or where to START!

success means different things to different people but what I coach is success in:

Reason (what you want to do and why) Relationships (Personal & Professional) Resources (Financial & People) Rest (Relaxation, Sleep, Fun)

All four define a successful life and This Event gives you actionable, doable and strategic steps to get you to the life you are meant to experience!

Regardless of age or circumstance, I am interested in helping Women and Men reverse engineer their lives. If you were at the end of your life and had 20/20 hindsight at your disposal, and asked yourself the tough questions knowing there's nothing to lose no matter the answer, would you have fulfilled your potential? Would you have risked more, feared less to understand and engage your purpose? Who would be by your side and how would you treat them? Were you in a financial position to do what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it?

It is never too late to create Success in your life but as Martin Luther King once said, “You don’t have to see the entire Staircase to take the first step.” Take that first step and call me today!


LEADERSHIP SKILLS: This is for people who want to manage, motivate and move others. how to get people to work as a team is always challenging but we can help. I can’t teach people how to care, but I can tell them why they should.

SALES: Everyone is in Sales. Have you ever asked anyone to do anything ever for a specific purpose? if so, you were “selling.” Before you sell a “thing” you have to sell yourself and this event is all about how to do that. then we talk about “The No’s, the maybe’s and how to close anyway!

WOMEN & MEN: (We may not have enough time) but we talk about how to exist in and out of work in this particular climate of wanting to support one another without doing the wrong thing. we really do want to understand the other perspective but….wanting to be right always gets in the way!

MOTIVATION & EMPOWERMENT: Why goals are important and how to set them. why you’re stuck. How to give yourself what you want and need and how to know what that is. how to engage with people OFFLINE. how to get inspired and know what to do with it.

FOR WOMEN ONLY: Women are entering Politics, The Boardroom, their own business and leadership roles at an all time high! However…we are not good at supporting one another. we can be our own worst enemy. we have been told we can be better if we just learn to balance or multi task and that is just not the truth. we instinctually put ourselves last and resent others after we’ve left them behind. this is a very powerful and honest look at what we do to ourselves and one another.

How long is Each Event?

Each Event is about 2 hours. However, we can be booked for half or Full days depending upon your needs. Each event will leave it’s attendees being inspired, entertained, and empowered while knowing what to do to manifest whatever it is they want in their lives!

How do I schedule an Event?

If we are not at a location near you, You can request we come to your school, business or community!

JUST CALL US AT : 402-281-3567 OR EMAIL AT:

You cannot get wherever it is you want to be, by yourself. It just isn't possible. Life is a team sport. If you decided to become a Physician, you would go to medical school and intern under people who have been where you are, but are now where you want to be; working as a successful Doctor. If you wanted to be an Olympic Champion, you would get a Coach in Gymnastics, or Swimming, or whatever field your particular talent lies in, and have them train you, readying you for competition.

Somewhere along the line we are conditioned to believe that once we have achieved some level of education in school and receive a passing grade in Physics, or English Literature, that we are armed with everything we need to Design a Career, Build Wealth and Engage in Successful and Satisfying Relationships.  Ludicrous

Most of us are under the misguided impression that we can attract and retain successful relationships,  fulfill our purpose as we were created to do, and be not just financially stable, but wealthy, without any Coaching, Design or Spiritual Guidance. Highly successful people understand that their best influence comes from not only having a Mentor, but being one as well. 

Our Group Engagements will inspire, but will also give you the tools necessary to call into your life your purpose and potential!