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  • Corporate Functions & Seminars

  • Small, Medium or Large Business Sessions

  • Small Groups

  • Sales Meetings

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Talking About Fear…

Everyone experiences fear, then what?

Companies hire a speaker because…

There is value. The right speaker with the right message giving the right tools gets results. I get results. Together we will discover your goals, objectives, strengths and areas of improvement so that I can design a presentation to get you there.

Some of the things we will design are:

  • How to get people to engage… I can’t teach people to care but I can teach them why they should.

  • How to increase productivity, morale & creativity.

  • Why sales should be in everything you do & how to feel good about it.

  • Building relationships & retaining them even when things go wrong.

  • What sex may or may not have to do with anything.

  • How to read, react and respect even if they (or you) are wrong.

One of the things we do best is tailor an engagement to your particular needs. If you, your business, or group is struggling with sales, motivation, organization, service, working as a team, or you just need to be reminded why you do what you do, we can tailor our time with you to get you where you want to be with actionable, doable tasks and results!

How long is Each Event?

Each Event is about 2 hours. However, we can be booked for half or Full days depending upon your needs. Each event will leave it’s attendees being inspired, entertained, and empowered while knowing what to do to manifest whatever it is they want in their lives!

How do I schedule an Event?

If we are not at a location near you, You can request we come to your school, business or community!

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