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You may not know why you landed here. Perhaps you wanted to know more about Wall Attire, or The Nest or you’re just curious and you are wondering if you’re in the right place. You are. Most of us play more than one role and life and I am no different. However, we usually have a common theme or a thread that connects everything else to our purpose. Mine is design. My role is to help you design your life, business, relationship or walls. Choose the link below that best suits your needs right now and I look forward to working with you!

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By joining The Nest

1. You will receive a 15-minute complimentary coaching session with Robin TWICE per month.

2. You will receive a 50% discount on all seminars, or events sponsored by The Nest.

3. You will receive free access to The Nest Community Blog, Newsletter, Weekly Inspirations, etc.

4. You will receive a Coupon to use towards Premier Coaching or Customized Artwork.

5. You will have access to other members of The Nest to network, encourage and move forward with.

No one gets to their full potential without some help along the way. The Nest provides the environment for us to be able to see our purpose and carve out the path to fulfill it.

The truth of the matter is you’ve been living the life you feel you deserve.

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You cannot get wherever it is you want to be, by yourself. It just isn't possible. Life is a team sport. If you decided to become a Physician, you would go to medical school and intern under people who have been where you are, but are now where you want to be; working as a successful Doctor. If you wanted to be an Olympic Champion, you would get a Coach in Gymnastics, or Swimming, or whatever field your particular talent lies in, and have them train you, readying you for competition.

Somewhere along the line we are conditioned to believe that once we have achieved some level of education in school and receive a passing grade in Physics, or English Literature, that we are armed with everything we need to Design a Career, Build Wealth and Engage in Successful and Satisfying Relationships. Ludicrous.

Most of us are under the misguided impression that we can attract and retain successful relationships, fulfill our purpose as we were created to do, and be not just financially stable, but wealthy, without any Coaching, Design or Spiritual Guidance. Highly successful people understand that their best influence comes from not only having a Mentor, but being one as well.

In school there is no class or teacher to help you attain the most important goal there is…self-fulfillment. Regardless of who you are or your circumstances, you are worthy of your dreams. Together we can design your future and I will help you get there! Take the first step to your future and join The Nest now!

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