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We all have a story and our stories are as unique and individual as our DNA. However, it is sharing our stories that connect us and make us feel like we are not alone.

Like you, I have experienced pain, loss, and fear. I have made just as many wrong turns as I have right ones. I have questioned my faith and my purpose. I have felt lonely in a room full of people and I just wanted to feel wanted, needed…loved.

it seems like It took me FOREVER to understand that it wasn’t about “getting past” the abuse that happened in my childhood, the mistakes I made in relationships, at work or as a parent. It took me decades to quiet the crap in my head long enough to realize my own purpose and accept that fear is an emotion and not a verb. I literally became sick and tired of allowing circumstances to dictate my life.

I stopped wishing on a grave and realized that I have more time behind me than ahead and I began to design the life I want. I developed a strategic Stream to Success which incorporates Relationships, (Personal & Professional) Resources, (People & Financial) Reason & Rest

So, I have two careers, two passions, and two ways to contribute that define my purpose. One is creating Elegant, original & Custom Artwork and the other is helping as many people as I can follow my stream to success to design the live you are MEANT to have!

we are better together. Life is a team sport. I can help you and you can help someone else. I founded a community to hold like minded people who want to foster their own growth, but also help others with theirs! I hope to see you in the nest!