The best way to predict your future is to design it.

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Design Coach

Have you ever asked someone you trust what they think the three most important professional strengths you have? It is an interesting exercise to see if what they think is also what you think or hope to see in yourself.

I asked. I was told and in no order of importance, the following: 1. The ability to see in a person or a thing what is there and how it can be designed to it’s potential. 2. Profitability… in that I can look at a project or a business and understand how to structure it so it is profitable. 3. Building relationships.

Personally, I would not have thought to use the word profitability but it was a better and more astute way of saying what would have taken me several sentences to say. That, along with the other two left me humbled by the insight and in agreement that those were my perceived strengths as well.

We all have them. Strengths. And we all have things that we would like to improve. at the end of the day we really all want the same things. We want to feel like our lives matter and we want our lives witnessed by people who we love and love us in return. We also want stuff and the money to buy that stuff.

What I have learned is it is okay to go after what we want and need. And it is okay to feel like we deserve it. We don’t have to settle for the circumstances that we have always known. We can design our way out of them to get wherever we want to be.

I believe the best way to predict the future is to design it which is why I founded The Nest. The Nest is the means to help you get from where you are, stuck in a rut of worry, fear & confusion or lack, to a life of self-fulfillment. The Nest invites you to be a member of our community!


Inspirational? I believe I am. But let’s face it…a great movie or country song can inspire. I help you design & create actions for you to take to get where you are meant to go.

I speak to groups, businesses, companies and organizations who know they can do better by being honest about where they are and courageous enough to take the steps necessary to grow, improve & engage.


Like you propbably, I have more than one interest and more than one thing that provides me purpose. However, those things revolve around Design. My Wall Attire business provides me the opportunity to design beautiful and original custom paintings to homes, businesses and commercial properties through sales & leasing.


My latest book is called “The Answer”. it took me a long time to give myself permission to ask the necessary questions of myself in order to go after what I wanted and what I needed. Maybe it’s time you asked yourself, because if you are like I was, you might be tired of feeling like no one else is asking you…

So how can I help?

When I go to an expert for anything from mechanical work on my automobile to a hair stylist, I want them to tell me how they can help. I want their opinion and expertise about what they believe I need. To me, that is where a relationship starts and an honest exchange goes from there.

So…you may not know exactly what you need. you just might know or feel that a change is in order, but where or how to start is overwhelming. That is where I come in. Just reach out, and we’ll go from there. I can help. Together, we’ll design your future.

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Getting Personal

We all have a story and our stories are as unique and individual as our DNA. However, it is sharing our stories that connect us and make us feel like we are not alone.

Like you, I have experienced pain, loss, and fear. I have made just as many wrong turns as I have right ones. I have questioned my faith and my purpose. I have felt lonely in a room full of people and I have just wanted to feel wanted, needed…loved.

it seems like It took me FOREVER to understand that it wasn’t about ‘getting past’ the abuse that happened in my childhood, the mistakes I made in relationships, at work or as a parent. It took me decades to quiet the crap in my head long enough to realize my own purpose and accept that fear is an emotion and not a verb. I literally became sick and tired of allowing some of the circumstances I had created to dictate my life.

Somewhere in my fifties i realized that I have more time behind me than ahead and I began to design the life I want. I developed a design process to Success which can work in the pursuit of what we want most in Relationships, (Personal & Professional) Work, Financial abundance & Purpose.

So, I have two careers, two passions, and two ways to contribute that define my purpose. One is creating Elegant, original & Custom Artwork and the other is helping as many people as I can design their life of self-fulfillment!

I founded ‘The Nest’ because I wanted people to have a safe place to go to share, listen, connect and feel absolutely empowered and encouraged to fly into their dreams!